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L'Université de Corse participe au WHEC 2012, Toronto Canada, 3-7 juin

L'Université de Corse participe au WHEC 2012, Toronto Canada, 3-7 juin
Title :
R&D Platform MYRTE – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell combined with Photovoltaic Plant. Case of Photovoltaic power output smoothing management powered by Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer.

Abstract :
Installed at the Georges PERI Research Centre (in Ajaccio) – University of Corsica, the technological platform MYRTE concerns a PV array coupled with storage system based on hydrogen [1]. This case, initiated by the French Energy Regulator (FER), describes the smoothing of the photovoltaic production with a solution powered by a PEM Fuel Cell (200 kWp) and a PEM Electrolyzer (40 Nm3.h-1). Moreover, four hydrogen (28 m3 each) and two oxygen storages are presents (limited to 40 bars). The FER specifies that variation of the output power delivered by the grid must be limited to less than 15% of the PV installed peak power (for every 30 minutes period). The aim is to reduce the variation of power injected to the electrical grid.
Storage system will absorb the excess of PV production if the electrolyzer runs. And vice-versa, when the PV production is insufficient to reach the 15%, the electric grid got the complement of energy from the Fuel Cell.
With ORIENTE software [2, 3], that was developed to simulate and optimize renewable hybrid systems, a lot of data was obtained. Results show that a part of non-used PV (45 kWc) array feeds the electrolyzer to allow a continuous smoothing of the PV production i.e. a hydrogen storage renewable year after year.

Authors :
C. Thibault, C. Darras, M. Muselli, and P. Poggi

Web site of the conference : http://www.whec2012.com

Université de Corse, Laboratoire Sciences Pour l'Environnement, Centre de Recherches Georges Péri
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