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Premier article scientifique publié sur MYRTE

PV output power fluctuations smoothing: The MYRTE platform experience Original Research Article
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 37, Issue 19, October 2012, Pages 14015-14025
C. Darras, M. Muselli, P. Poggi, C. Voyant, J.-C. Hoguet, F. Montignac

The MYRTE platform is one of the PEPITE project applications included in the PAN-H program of the French Research National Agency, under the reference ANR-07-PANH-012. This platform consists of a photovoltaic array, a fuel cell, an electrolyzer, tanks (H2, O2 and H2O), a thermal management system and electricity converters associated to various sub-systems.
This article describes the platform's way of operating and specifically the photovoltaic output power fluctuations smoothing, with the trapezoid profile shape, using storage methodology. The used approach is consistent with the specifications of the call for tender of the French Energy Regulation Commission, in September, 2011. Note that during the simulations, we have used measured and not predicted meteorological data.

The main result shown in this paper is that the platform is compatible with this operational mode based on the power fluctuations smoothing. However, to minimize the use of gas tanks, the power supply of trapezoid profile should come from the PV production rather than the fuels cells. A minimum part of 76% seems necessary to assure the smoothing all year round and to have an identical reservoirs state at the beginning and at the end of the year

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